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Price-Bullington Invitational

The premier invitational tournament for the top college players from around the nation The Price-Bullington Invitational Squash Tournament is one of the longest running events in the country. A dedicated group of supporters and benefactors put up the funds and make the effort to deliver a great event year after year. The organizers attempt to schedule a weekend at the start of the Collegiate Squash season, inviting as many of the top 16 collegiate players as possible to Richmond, VA, for this event. Players are hosted by families in the Richmond vicinity. In order to raise the local interest level, a Qualifier event is also held. These local players are competing to win a spot in the main draw. The final match of the Qualifier is scheduled to take place on the Friday evening and in effect gets things going. Chair Ted Price

The 2009 Price-Bullington Invitational

The Price-Bullington Invitational was begun 39 years ago as the Holt Bullington invitational Squash Tournament. It was named in honor of Holt Bullington, a fledging squash player who tragically died in 1969 at very young age. In the mid 1990's it was renamed the Price-Bullington in appreciation of Ted Price's chairing the tournament for some 20 years.

The tournament is the longest running invitational squash tournament in the US. The Tournament committee invites 16 of the top amateurs in the country to participate in the marathon matches (the format is a feed-in consolation through the quarter final) during a weekend in the fall (generally the last weekend in October or one of the first two weekends in November). The Tournament is distinguished by the fact that one of the finalists generally wins in the Squash Nationals (attesting to the high level of play at the P-BI) and by the hospitality given to the players by the sponsors who house these players. There is no other tournament which is so caring of its players, treating them as if they were family. The invited players, who are generally current students at the top Ivy League colleges, vie to see who will be invited. As an example, last Year's PBI Champion, Mauricio Sanchez, a Princeton Sophomore, won the Nationals and the Intercollegiate Crown and played in the a number of Professional tournaments (as an amateur), including the Virginia Professional Squash Championship -- no small feat.

The Tournament this year will be held during the weekend of October 29th - November 1st at the Country Club of Virginia. The weekend will begin with the finals of the P-BI Qualifier on the evening of Thursday October 29th at the CCV at 6PM. The winner of the Qualifying Tournament (representing the best players in Virginia) will feed in to the Main Draw of the P-BI, playing the #1 seed. All members of the VSRA and all squash enthusiasts are invited to watch this match and the whole weekend of wonderful squash.

Price-Bullington Qualifier Competition

Compete for the right to play in the prestigious Price-Bullington Invitational Tournament
Oct 5th-29th at all clubs, Finals on 29th
Contact Bruce deWet ( e-mail: brucedewet@gmail.com )

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